Correlation, experiences with everyday objects no. 1, no.4, no.5 and no.6



For Violin, Cello, Bass clarinet, performer and live electronics.
Premiered by Ensemble Mise-en, November 2019.

Un rolis

Soundscape for 4ch. (2019)

Mit dem Fahrrad von zu Hause zur Schule fahren… Wie viele bewegende Ereignisse… Wie viel Energie wird zerstreut, verbrennt, reagiert, verbrennt, reagiert… Wie viel könnte sich ändern mit nur ein paar Umdrehungen? Wie anders würde das Klangbild der Stadt sein… Ein “rolis” – eine Runde drehen.

2m'1? 2m'1!

For 9 performers, electronics and video (2018)

A performance-installation that seeks to explore space, its acoustic and interaction possibilities (public performer). This show consists of 7 modules that interact with each other, as in a living network. The audience will be surrounded by each of the performances as they travel through the labyrinth, supported not only by the artists, but also by the multimedia.

« Le territoire ne précède plus la carte ni ne lui survit. C’est désormais la carte qui précède le territoire – précession des simulacres –, c’est elle qui engendre le territoire et, s’il fallait reprendre la fable, c’est aujourd’hui le territoire dont les lambeaux pourrissent lentement sur l’étendue de la carte. C’est le réel, et non la carte, dont des vestiges subsistent çà et là, dans les déserts qui ne sont plus ceux de l’Empire, mais le nôtre. Le désert du réel lui-même. » J. Baudrillard

© Beat Müiler. 2018

Charlie bit my finger, again

For 2 violins, cello, percussionist, video and electronics. (2017)

Virtual interfaces permeate our spaces every day at higher speed and with more force; without realizing it, we accept them and create co-dependence. But to what extent do we control this avalanche of interactions ourselves? With increasingly powerful algorithms, the thin line that divides our own choices and the choices of those who program the algorithm becomes more diffuse.

Ensemble vortex, Geneva 2017

In Front of...

 For 3 performers (2017)

Gestures that are unified, gestures that are integrated into our daily routine. Banality? pragmatism? efficiency? simply smile…Three performers emulate and interpret the “interface”, a video score based on the most common ideograms of the electronic correspondence, the emojis.


Tenebrae (sine) responsoria

For symphony orchestra (2016)

Inspired by my grandmothers., who had to “guapiar”  (an expression of the Cundi-Boyacense high plateau, Colombia) be strong to get in the way of adverse situations linked to machismo, displacement and lack of opportunities. Directly converge in the piece quotations taken from the work by Carlo Gesualdo and Tristan Murail, who separated by hundreds of years his musical language speaks and reflects fragility.

Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn 2016

1+1 et non franchement 2

For Guitar and ensemble (2016)

Nouvel ensemble contemporaine NEC, Ruben Mattia Santorsa/Guitar and Lennart Dhoms/conductor. 2016 

Als ich auf dem Esel ritt

For string trio and accordion (2016)

Sans Títere

For 4 violas (2016)


Pieza no.1 del ciclo de citaciones

For ensemble (2016)

Ensemble Hodiernis 

S(in) nomine

For 9 instruments (2015)

A une passante /Cadenza

For Guitar (2014)

Ruben Mattia Santorsa Guitar. 2014

Terrón, turrón, ron...

For ensemble (2014)

Imbuing the air with sweet scents, small fragments fall and melt, seeking to become solid. After several minutes, only this acerbic and provocative rum, fragments of a memory, witness of a heritage…. remains.



Charlis 1.9

For flute and electronics (2013)

Carlos Añez flute 2014

El negro care' queso

For 2 guitars and percussion (2013)